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    Adagio Aparthotel Suresnes

    3,80 %
    • LMNP
    From (1)
    €171,000 Excl. VAT
    From studios to one-bedroom
    Taxation (3)
    • Ideal location between La Défense and the Bois de Boulogne park
    • Excellent accessibility
    • Facilities(4) and entertainment
    • Fully furnished kitchen
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    The Adagio Suresnes residence benefits from an exceptional location which combines the art of living with economic momentum only a few steps away from the pedestrian town centre of Suresnes and facing the Bois de Boulogne park. Reliable transport links are close to take you to the financial district La Défense : stations Velib’ and Autolib’, Tramway T2 and the bus.

    The residence is composed of 109 apartments spread out over 9 floors. Its 89 studios for 2 people and 20 one-bedroom apartments for 4 people are integrated into a property complex composed of 108 private apartments, a student residence with 220 rooms and 3 shops.

    The failure to respect the lease commitments will result in a loss of tax benefits.

    (1) €205,200 (Incl. VAT). The selling price of each apartment depends on the type and location within the residence. Price excludes acquisition costs, and does not include furniture or parking spaces. Subject to availability.
    (2) Profitability excluding standard co-ownership and maintenance charges calculated on the price excluding tax of the property (including furniture and parking) according to the terms of the lease and the limit of its duration.
    (3) LMNP : French buy-to-let scheme.
    (4) Services may differ from one residence to another and be subject to a fee and may be invoiced by service providers outside the group.
    Illustration left to the free interpretation of the artist. The photos of the interior are examples of decoration.






    The Furnished Buy-to-let scheme is the best way of earning supplementary income while significantly reducing tax on rental income over the long term.


    Financial property without stay (5) 

    (5) According to the specific conditions of the lease, which can vary according to the country of the residence, and excluding the specifics of personal taxation.

    The management

    The management


    As a property owner, you benefit from simplified management for your property, delegated to the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs group. You sign a commercial lease of 10 years(6) with the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs group, who becomes your sole tenant(7).


    Rent is secured(8) : you receive a rent, whether your apartment is occupied or not. Insurance, expenses are covered by the group : you only pay the property tax and the tax related to your income.

    Your property is fully maintained: the facilities management department manages maintenance operations, local teams provide routine maintenance and cleaning.

    (6) The lease binding the owner and the operator is a commercial lease, subject in this respect to the provisions of articles L.145-1 to L.145-60 of the French Commercial Code. The lessor may refuse the renewal of the lease concluded with the operator of the tourism residence. However, in this case, subject to the exceptions laid out in Articles L.145-17 and following the French Commercial Code, he shall pay the operator an eviction indemnity equal to the loss caused by the lack of renewal. The method of calculating this allowance is set out in the second paragraph of the above-mentioned article L.145-14.

    (7) The Adagio Aparthotel tenant is a subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group.

    (8) Guaranteed rent through a commercial lease of 10 years (excluding standard co-ownership and maintenance charges, excluding property tax).


    As an owner you receive a whole host of benefits:

    • A personalized website section to manage holiday bookings, included in your lease, in your property or another of the Group's residences
    • You also enjoy exclusive reductions on holidays in residences belonging to the Group

    The surroundings

    The region

    The department of Hauts-de-Seine proposes a true tourist experience. You will find over 30 museums, touristic sites and the homes of famous men and women. 15 parks, numerous forests and 25 sports complexes : these different natural spaces are cleaned in order to provide you with a nice and sanitary environment.


    The Adagio Suresnes residence gives access to numerous points of interest over a 4km radius amongst those is the Hippodrome of Longchamp, the Roland-Garros stadium, the Parc des Princes, U Arena, the Jardin d’Acclimatation and even the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Palais des Congrès. The most frequently visited shopping centre in France in La Défense is equally accessible in minutes.


    In addition to the diversity of the cultural landscape, the Ile-de-France region offers a huge variety of products: mushrooms of Paris, French peas, Faro Apple, Brie and cherries of Montmorency. The Parisian gastronomic products are sure to satisfy your taste buds !

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