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Buy-to-let investment

Published on 03/23/2015

Buy-to-let investment: how to ensure more return than risk: the things every investor should know about successful property investment

Buy-to-let investment:how to ensure more return than risk

Property investment can be incredibly rewarding. Yet, as with all financial considerations, it is important that a prospective buy to let investor is aware that there may be risk involved. Fortunately, there is a sure fire way to ensure more return than risk by utilising the services of a professional property investment company. Although some chose to delegate to a number of different agencies for the various areas of responsibility, the best way to secure capital investment is to source a firm that covers all aspects.

Property investment companies

Professional property investment companies, such as Pierre & Vacances, are well-versed in the myriad of responsibilities that make up a successful buy to let investment. It is not enough to own a property; for a portfolio of any size to see a regular return it is important that tasks such as maintenance and upkeep, sourcing renters and advertising a property are all consistently undertaken. Although it is possible to follow the go-it-alone route, the most successful investors recognise the importance of delegation to a single entity.

Overseas property investment

As well as undertaking all of the tasks that ensure a successful investment, a property investment company will also have valuable insight into the markets in question. For many UK investors, overseas property investment is a more attractive proposition than building a local portfolio. Not least, when considering purchasing buy to let properties in France, due to the tax benefits offered by the government.

Tax benefits of overseas property investment

A French buy-to-let investment is considered a "Classified Tourist Residence" which allows VAT to be recovered. This advantage can be seen as early as point of purchase when the tax rebate can be applied to the property price (by the property investment company) so that the purchase is made excluding VAT, although the asset value is listed including tax. With the rate for new properties now at 20-per-cent, the advantages of using an investment company to ensure safe returns are very clear.

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