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How to Choose your Investment Location

Published on 11/07/2016

From the country itself to weather and terrain, location can make or break a buy-to-let investment. In this guide, find out which location is right for your project. 

Start with the Country

Reliable sunshine, low prices and a wealth of English-speaking locals have all driven Spain to become a top destination for UK property investors. On the other hand, Germany and France have started to catch up with their rival neighbour. Although Germany’s strength lies in its economy and environment, France offers a variety of assets. Contrasting terrains from all areas of the country, a proud culture of art and gastronomy, and of course, its close geographical location mean that France may well make your perfect investment country. 

Property Prices

Once you’ve chosen a country, the range of locations can often be narrowed down by examining property prices. For those with a lower budget, popular British destinations are often surprisingly affordable. One such example is the North Coast of France. Despite cooler weather, Brittany is popular along British families, as its close location is driveable from the UK and local architecture is famed for its beauty. However, a holiday let can be bought for around €100K or less, meaning that the area is both profitable and affordable.

On the other hand, investing in a more expensive area can pay out in the long-term. The French Riviera is one such luxury location whose property market can outperform less costly areas, even in economic crises. Perfect weather and excellent facilities have made the coast popular not only for British tourists, but on an international level. At present, local property prices are relatively low, but with an expected resurgence in the near future, now is the perfect time to purchase real estate. 

Characteristics and Culture

To ensure your investment doesn’t lose value, a chosen location should provide tourists with an experience that they want to repeat in years to come. One way to guarantee profitability on your buy-to-let investment is finding a location with reliable weather. This could mean the sunny French Riviera, for a wider holiday season compared to Northern properties, or an investment in The Alps, as guaranteed snow will always attract skiing enthusiasts. 

Although weather can increase activities offered, an interesting investment could be in countryside areas. With a warm country like France or Spain, walking and biking trails present year-long facilities for family holidays. Moreover, ecotourism’s current popularity means that such biodiverse land is a sought after holiday destination for many wishing to see wildlife while being conscientious.

Finally, local culture can play a huge role in the profitability of your rental  real estate. For example, as the home of major fashion labels, haute cuisine and abundant artistic talent, Paris lends itself to holiday rentals. Even during quiet seasons, landmarks and attractions throughout the city and surrounding area ensure that tourists constantly visit.

Whereas, French countryside offers some of the best vineyards and agriculture in the world. Many visitors opt to take a tour of the local chateaux and experience the variety of flavours on offer, while local markets impress with cheeses and honey. Such activities have been popular for decades, meaning that these regions are unlikely to slump anytime soon.                 

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