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Published on 09/22/2017

In Latin, the noun ”patrimonium” means the heritage of your father , this word translated into English “patrimony” can also be understood as the collection of funds from your relatives (parents, grandparents etc.). However, this concept has evolved with time. The word “patrimony” now commonly refers to the assets that one has accumulated throughout their lifetime. These assets fall into three categories: tangible assets such as cars, artwork, properties, jewels and furniture. Secondly, intangible assets for instance, educational certificates/licenses or business and finally, financial assets for example, stocks and shares and cash flow. Amongst these three categories, property investment is widely considered the wisest place to invest your money.  This is because the price of property is less exposed to various economic risks, in comparison with products/goods. Notably, this idea is supported by the government authorities who encourage households to buy or to build accommodations that are main residences or buy-to-let property investments. 

Best prepare for retirement

Growing your assets through property investment is highly recommended in order to best prepare for retirement. Normally as a property owner in a main residence, a regular monthly rent is not a possibility. Just as with retirement,  your income decreases… It is therefore beneficial to maintain a secure income. Over the past 20 years, the price of rent has dramatically increased and notably faster than salaries and pensions. Owning properties in good locations allow you to benefit from additional resources for example, the tax advantages agreed by the public contribute to improve the profits of this buy-to-let scheme. More importantly, it allows you to buy your dream property in your desired city at an affordable cost where you can spend your future retirement.

How do you become a property owner?

Other than traditional bank financing, there are multiple other options that allow you to become a property owner. Under certain conditions, the buyer can ask for financial aid - a ‘PTZ’ price (Prêt à Taux Zéro). This price is for people who wish to purchase their first main residence. The accommodation can be bought new or be extensively renovated. The purchaser can also resort to a plan using a home savings account to buy a property. You begin to save in order to benefit  from a price and if need be, a bonus.

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