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Growth of Buy-to-let Ownership

Published on 05/12/2015

Buy-to-let ownership set to break £1trillion barrier in 2015: figures show property investment is set to hit new heights

Buy-to-let ownership £1trillion pounds in 2015

Projected figures based on Kent Reliance’s 2014 report into buy-to-let property show that the collective portfolio value of UK landlords is set to break the trillion pound barrier this year. The increasing interest in the rental sector has been driven by the resurgence of the market, underpinned by a healthy tenant demand.

Buy-to-let market growth in numbers

In 2014 the value of the UK rental market in bricks and mortar terms was over £900 billion, an increase of over 13 per-cent, or £109.5 billion, on the reported figures from 2013. Since the 2009 furlough, the market has gained over £300 billion. Indeed, the sector saw little impact from the economic downturn experienced elsewhere, continuing a steady growth that is set to break the trillion pound barrier by the end of 2015.

The stability of the property rental market in human terms

Since 2001, the private rented sector (PRS) has expanded by over 70 per-cent in the UK alone, with rising property prices and an increased difficulty in securing mortgaging finance has ensured that rental demand continues to increase. The balance of demand is disproportionately levied against the London market given the restrictions on residential construction, although the trend is mirrored across all rental regions with no sign of an end to long-term growth.

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