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How economists view the current housing market

Published on 07/22/2015

How economists view the current housing market: what the experts think you should invest in

How economists view the current housing market

The current market situation has been carefully considered by economists and a recent conference found revealed that the general consensus is that slow sales have been caused by a tight inventory. The Miami event heard that the current volume amounts to a 5 month supply, whereas a balanced market “typically has a supply of six to seven months”.

How property investors can beat the trend

Home owners, according to the experts, are hampered by “a persistent lack of equity” with “one in three” suffering from the negative effects of the housing slump. Property investors building buy-to-let portfolios, however, are able to leverage existing assets to expand their interests, rather than focusing on the purchase of a personal residence. According to one report, over one third of home owners had 20-per-cent or less available in their homes in the first quarter of 2014, but this small cushion can be utilised by fledgling investors when making their first buy-to-let purchase.

New build buy-to-let investments

The pace of new construction has increased in 2015, although by May it was still only sitting at 75-per-cent of the annual average seen since 2000. There is debate amongst economists if this is due to the disproportionate favouritism towards high-valued construction in order to boost margins. Nevertheless, since 2006, investors have been steadily converting single-family dwellings to rental properties, proving the success of buy-to-let transactions.

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