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How the Economy affects the buy-to-let market

Published on 04/16/2015

The impact surge of the European economy: how the status of the economies in Europe have impacted the buy-to-let market

The impact of the European economy on the buy-to-let market

The resurgence of the European property markets is in direct correlation to the economic recovery period, and will continue to be impacted as the fiscal considerations stabilise. Indeed, the buy to let investment market has arguably been the most positively affected during the last 24 month period, as is seen by reports on the property investment opportunities now available.

Buying property abroad

Izmir, the third most populated city in Turkey, is noted as an example of a socio-economic leader in terms of workforce and GDP in the Aegean region. A large metropolitan city, Izmir is known as a centre of industry and tourism. Contributing nearly 7-per-cent to Turkey’s total GDP, over half of the workforce is dedicated to the service industry, indicating a healthy property investment market. With buy to let investment opportunities becoming increasingly attractive, the most important port city of the country has an enviable geographic and economic position.

Property investment companies

Reports of the surge in the office property market, with the main occupiers numbered as foreign traders and logistics providers, development has focused on an urban regeneration of the Bayrakli-Turan-Salhane area. With the supporting industries seeing growth as a direct result of the increased economic viability, the retail property market is also booming, with over 200,000 square metres of constructive development in the pipeline. It is clear that property investment companies are therefore directly benefiting from the impact surge of the European economies.

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