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How to become a buy-to-let expert fast

Published on 06/01/2015

Experts show how to become a buy-to-let expert in 48 hours: top tips from professionals in the field of property investment

How to become a buy-to-let expert in 48 hours

Making money in property investment has a number of essential rules that lead to success. A recent article by Right Move described the guiding principles behind successful property investment, offering two key areas that will assist all those interested in building a buy-to-let portfolio achieve success.

The personal side of buy-to-let investment success

With more than 1.4 million landlords in the UK alone, there has to be reason that some achieve success, whilst others scrape buy. According to Samantha Collett, the differentiating factor is down to mindset. A successful investor is not born, but made, and the process involves “thinking, acting and living” in a way that supports the ultimate goal. Sacrifices of both time and money will be necessary, as well as a number of contingency plans in order to tackle any unexpected deviation.

The business side of buy-to-let investment success

It is important to recognise that property can be both an asset and a liability, so it is vital that any prospective property is assessed for its potential positives and negatives. This includes the possibility of extended repairs (if the property is of a certain age) or the difficulty in managing tenants (if the property is in a certain location). Defining the type of portfolio that best suits your expectations is therefore key to building a solid long-term property investment.

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