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How to budget for a buy-to-let property investment

Published on 10/21/2014

Budget for a buy-to-let-property :

How to budget for a buy-to-let property

Although raising the capital in order to invest in a buy-to-let property may seem like the most important aspect of any real estate investment, there are other costs that must be considered when calculating the viability of any purchase. That is to say, there are a number of ongoing charges and financial imperatives that are vital to the success of any portfolio.

Buying a rental property as an investment

When working out how much is needed to kick-start a buy-to-let investment, there are a number of necessities that sometimes get overlooked as an inherent part of any portfolio. The most important thing to remember is to include insurance and maintenance costs in any capital consideration. Companies such as Pierre & Vacances Property Investment are aware of these vital aspects, and so offer hassle-free maintenance services and expert advice in order that an investor may be fully informed about any potential charges.

Maintaining a buy-to-let investment

Although insurance will generally specify coverage for certain causes of damage, basic maintenance is important not only to ensure premises safety, but also to ensure aesthetic appeal. If a landlord is remiss in fixing snags and minor issues, any major damage that may be caused by an exacerbation of, say, a leaking tap may not be covered by an insurer.

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