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How to choose the right investment property

How to choose an investment property: why the right price and strategy are vital.

Picking an investment property should always be about securing a financial future whilst increasing assets. It is important to remember that, although property investment is arguably a more stable route than traditional stocks and shares, it is not an instant road to riches. The effective management of every aspect – including the very first move of choosing the investment property – will be instrumental in helping an investor reach their financial goals.

An investment property at the right price

In order to most fully utilise the potential of capital growth, buying at the right price is absolutely critical to the success of a portfolio. Unlike stocks and shares, the value of such a physical asset is less tangible but – also unlike stocks and shares – the property market more readily provides the opportunity to acquire an asset beneficially below its market value.

The research focus

In order to understand a potential bargain, it is important to focus attention on one specific area. By gaining a true understanding of the value and associated transactional movement of all properties in a specific area, an investor can ensure that they are in a position to quickly recognise a below-value asset when one becomes available. Then, by building knowledge – and exercising a little patience – an investor will be in the perfect place to choose the right investment property for their financial needs.

Management strategy

Once a property transaction has been finalised, the most important task is now how to propertly utilise the asset. Although many opt to manage their properties themselves, it is often recommended that a portion of any running cost be dedicated to finding a professional property manager to ensure the best possible value from the investment. A good manager will find the right tenant, make sure that monies are exchanged on time and in full, and otherwise free up an investor to continue to move forward with their plans and purchases.


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