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How to prepare a buy-to-let property for sale

Published on 10/09/2014



Prepare a buy-to-let property for sale

Building a real estate rental portfolio can be a good way to ensure a regular annual return, but for the long-term planner it may be necessary to divest of an otherwise successful property at some point. Although selling any property is a matter of preparation and market research, selling a dedicated rental property to a rental property investor has a number of requirements that will differ from selling to a party intending permanent residence.

How a buy-to-let property differs from a residential property

Although buy-to-let real estate may involve attracting long-term tenants, when an investor needs to sell that property on they will need to appeal most strongly to the financial aspect of any interested party. Firms such as Pierre & Vacances Property Investment appreciate this natural cycle, offering support and the expertise to ensure that any party - buyer or seller - will be fully and appropriately informed before making any transactional decision.

The importance of maintenance and upkeep

When decorating a property to attract a buyer who intends to live there, the aim is to present it as a potential home, with all the comfort and security that this would imply. When presenting a buy-to-let property as an investment purchase, however, it is important that it is well maintained, requires little in the way of upkeep and appears to be a hassle-free opportunity for an addition to any portfolio.

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