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Ideal locations for a property investment bargain

Published on 07/21/2015

The best places to find a property investment bargain: the most undervalued markets in 2015

The best places to find a property investment bargain

The economic instability of the first half of the decade has now been firmly laid to rest. But whilst the property markets of the capital cities rebounded relatively easily, there are still a number of bargains to be found in metropolitan areas that have seen a slower recovery.

Property investment in tourist areas

There are many cities that suffered badly during the market slump, some of which are taking a significant period of time to recover a more stable economic footing. Sales turnovers in Barcelona, for example, has been reported as seeing a 250 per-cent increase on last year, aided by the government’s dedicated effort to woo foreign buyers by offering plenty of opportunities for the long-term investor. Similarly, the French Riviera has a 25 per-cent capital gains tax incentive, leading to “a surge in inquiries for St Tropez, Cap d’Antibes and Cap Ferrat.”

Property investment in warm weather areas

Tuscany, Panama, Mauritius and Marbella all saw a drop during the economic slump. Yet all of these areas, despite slow recovery, benefit from clement weather, which makes them attractive to both holiday makers and the myriad of industries that support them. With construction projects gaining traction in a number of these regions, purchase prices have been kept affordable, allowing an investor to benefit from both the delayed recovery and controlled expansion.

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