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Long-term or Short-term Investment?

Published on 05/24/2017

It can be tempting to choose a short-term investment, as rewards are seen right away. Meanwhile, long-term alternatives are often lower risk, meaning the return is reliable. With Pierre & Vacances Property Investment, you can have the best of both worlds: annual income throughout the investment, low input and guaranteed returns.

Short-term Investing

One of the best known short-term investments is stocks and shares. Essentially, you buy a small portion of a company and if the company’s value increases, you can sell your portion at a higher value. This type of investment does not require large amounts of capital, so many people choose to give the stock market a try. However, returns are highly unpredictable, as the asset value could go down or up and there is no guarantee that you will make a profit – or receive your initial sum at the end.

In order to reduce the risk, many investors diversify their assets by investing in multiple companies, then if one company loses value, the others can support your loss. However, the only way to ensure returns on your investment is to choose an asset with stable value, such as property.

The benefits of long-term investment

Long term investment often have lower risk levels. This means that they can be used as a more profitable alternative to savings accounts or pensions. Property is the best known example, as many individuals choose to purchase and rent out a second residence – known as buy-to-let. Buy-to-let is also ideal for those needing income before their investment comes to an end, as rental income is received throughout a lease.

One option for buy-to-let that suits many is to invest in a classified tourism residence. The opportunity to enjoy holidays at the residence, as well as profiting on the property is highly attractive. One of the best ways to invest in tourism rentals abroad is to choose an operating company. The idea is that you invest in a residence, then sign a commercial lease. Through this lease, the company is your tenant and they take care of housekeeping, maintenance and finding residents. With certain providers, you can also receive guaranteed rent, so you never need to worry about reliability of income. 

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