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Long-term view in real estate investment

Published on 09/08/2014


The advantages of a long-term view in real estate investment

Turning a quick profit is a dream for many – particularly if that profit could be considered substantial. Yet the most financially successful investors are often individuals who make solid, measured, long-term plans for increased returns. Given the risk in get-rich-quick schemes, those who want to be able to supplement their income and grow their assets would be better advised to take a more controlled approach to any investment plan.

Planning a long-term investment strategy in real estate

Castanet published a response to the question: cash flow or flipper? The answer is twofold and the choice for any investor rests on the fact that, although the act of flipping can potentially offer greater rewards, it is a precarious strategy that relies on a “high tolerance for risk”. In comparison, a focus on steady returns through cash flow allows a portfolio to build a reliable supplemental income. Additionally, with firms such as Pierre & Vacances Property Investment offering hassle-free management services, an investor can enjoy the benefits of their return without expending any additional effort.

Investing in rental real estate

When considering the risk/return dichotomy it is advisable to take a long-term position with regards real estate. The unknown factors inherent to a quick-return flipping strategy make the risk uncontrollable, whereas taking advantage of a long-standing market position can reduce the risks to almost nothing.

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