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Making the most of your rental property investment

Published on 04/01/2016

Purchasing rental property is a great first step to building a secure and durable supplementary income. After much deliberation, you've chose the right property, in a perfect location, and at an affordable price. All that's left to do is make sure your investment is profitable. The key to this is successful property management.

Managing your property successfully

Mainting a minimal vacancy rate is naturally of utmost importance to optimise the return on your investment. You need to attract and retain long term tenants. To do this, your property must be clean and in good condition - at the beginning and throughout the tenancy. You need to handle property maintenance, address repair issues in a timely fashion and ensure the property is not being mistreated by the tenants. These things are most easily managed when living nearby.

To successfully manage your property, you also need to be on top of collecting rent payments, and ven pursuing evictions if necessary.

Hassle-free solutions

With all these factors to consider, it is easy to see why many investors (particularly first time investors) opt for professionals to manage their rental property for them. Companies such as Pierre & Vacances Property Investment bring experience and industry know-how, offering their customers a hassle-free solution to property management.

A clear benefit is your abilty to invest in a property abroad or far away from your first place of residence. Similarly, you don't have to devote time to your renting business - particularly handy if landlording isn't your day job.

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