Our commitment to sustainable development

The Group’s commitment to sustainable development finds its roots in an original economic model, which fuses real estate and tourism.

Long term site management provides an opportunity to act from the conception and construction of residences and villages and to follow measures put in place throughout the project. This long-term commitment confers a strong responsibility to our shareholders, private and institutional investors, and also, local partners, collaborators and finally our clients.

The six pillars of the Group’s commitment:

  • Follow a responsible employer policy.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of sites.
  • Maintain daily performance on sustainable development.
  • Create sustainable tourism experiences.
  • Working in long-term partnership with local councils.
  • Value and preserve the natural richness of sites.


At the level of development, the Group prioritises tourism potential when choosing land, but also the environment. Therefore, plans are adapted to the constraints of each site and studies are carried out to reduce the environmental impact. In regards to architecture, we promote the use of wood to aid integration into the surrounding environment.

The group aims to achieve environmental certification as early as possible for new projects, relating to the design and construction of buildings (HQE) and energy performance certification (EPC). In effect, these act as additional guarantees to the measures taken to minimise environmental impact and ensure customer comfort.

In 2014/2015, 100% of residences delivered achieved BBC, EPC or HQE certification (BBC: Building with Low Energy Consumption, EPC: Energy Performance Certification, HQE: High Environmental Quality).

For the development of large projects, a green construction site charter is deployed to limit pollution risks associated with building, and preserve sensitive areas.

  • 97% of construction site waste from the Center Parcs Bois aux Daims Cottages was recycled and reused.

Through its long term partnership with local councils, Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group also contributes to local businesses:

  • 71% of work commissioned for Center Parcs Bois aux Daims, situated in the Vienne region, was given to businesses in Poitou-Charentes (an area in Vienne).

Renowned architects also ensure that building projects fit perfectly into the local landscape; thus the premium residence l’hévana à Méribel is envisaged as a village existing in harmony with the local architecture of Méribel (locally-sourced stone foundations, carved wood facades). In Deauville, the premium residence Presqu'île de la Touques is an architectural ensemble brought to life by a variety of facades that respect the local tradition (stone, clay tiles, natural slate). Close to Paris, Villages Nature Paris is a green haven, founded on maximum eco footprint reduction. Our goal is to have all  onsite heating from geothermal energy and to achieve High Environmental Quality Certification (HQE) for Aqualagoon (a major feature of the destination).

Site Operation

The Group’s performance in sustainable development is equally cemented in the operation of our sites.

  • 30% of operating sites have an eco-label or environmental certification.
  • 100% of the environmental management systems in European areas operated by Center Parcs in 2015 were ISO14000 certified.
  • 68% of Adagio Aparthotels have European Ecolabel certification.
  • 51 sites labelled Clef Verte (Green Key) in 2016, including all Pierre & Vacances countryside residences and all Pierre & Vacances villages in Metropolitan France.


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