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Paris still a prime target for property investment

Published on 01/12/2016

Paris dominates investors' wishlists in 2016

New research has revealed that property investors are broadening their scope as they seek to maintain and better their return objectives. According to the data presented by the most recent LaSalle Investment Management’s European Regional Growth Index (E-REGI), 'gateway cities' such as Paris and London dominate the wishlists for property investments, but are no longer the sole focus for speculative attention.

Resilience in investment markets

The index report ranks Europe's top 100 cities in terms of interpretive assessment of the market fundamentals, considering influential factors such as human capital, demographic changes and local growth trends. Nevertheless, despite the new focus, Paris and London continue to dominate, the list, holding the top two positions as their “extraordinary resilience” justifies their reputation as prime targets for a broad range of investment strategies. 

Unrivalled market understanding

LaSalle's head of European research and strategy, Mahdi Mokrane, says that the 16-year-old annual index has led to an “unrivalled understanding” of the leading cities' comparable economic patterns. With the ability to compare previous rankings and analyse the changing nature of each city in order to create a strategic investment framework, LaSalle is also able to predict which specific markets are likely to underperform in the medium term, or outperform over any dictated term.

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