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Prepare for your retirement

How to plan for your retirement with an investment portfolio: why buy to let properties can fund your future

Investment portfolio: How to plan for your retirement

It is now considered normal to spend over 20 years in retirement, assuming that you remain in the workplace until you are around 70. And depending on your personal tastes, retirement can involve planning for the quiet life perfecting the garden, or travelling the world in style. Or both. But retirement needs to be funded, with the best options involving a steadily built portfolio that will offer a comfortable return when you finally leave the rat race. Although the traditional route of stocks and shares has its benefits, investing in property is now considered the more popular option for those planning on funding their future.

Buy to let properties as a source of income

Investing in property should always be focussed on the potential returns. By ensuring that every purchase has a measurable annual payment, preferably guaranteed, an investor can steadily build a retirement income that will fund their desired lifestyle. Conventional wisdom states that, with a 30-year timeline, at least 10-per-cent of your annual income should be saved in order that your retirement is comfortable. But by investing this capital – or its equivalent - in buy to let property, an astute planner can reduce not only the timescale involved, but also increase the achievable returns.

Overseas property investment

The success of a buy to let property portfolio will depend on the rentability of the properties in question, which is why – for a UK investor – the overseas holiday market is a very attractive option. Given the resilience of the vacation market, focussing a portfolio on this area can be a stable and reliable way to build a secondary income that will support a retirement plan. A number of property investment firms, including Pierre and Vacances, also offer additional benefits to their investors in the form of an asset and investment package, allowing personal usage to be arranged, as well as a guaranteed annual return.

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