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Property Investment: The Right Choice

When property investment is the right choice: how to assess your personal needs in terms of buy-to-let investment

When Property Investment is the Right Choice

Everyone hopes for a little extra income, but the means of getting it can be so varied that it is hard to make a decision which is the best way to go. The traditional route of stocks and shares has always been volatile. There can be the chance of some big rewards, but the losses can be just as large, and – has been historically demonstrated – there can be swift and unpredictable fluctuations that only the most financially secure can weather.

Investing in Property

Investing in property, on the other hand, is a more stable and - over the last few years increasingly more popular - way to solidify capital. Purchasing buy to let properties has become the accepted way to secure an additional annual income without the insecurity of the financial market’s potential inconsistency. Owning an investment property allows a regular return through rental agreements and, depending on the location of the property, can also offer additional benefits. 

Buying Property Abroad

Certain property investment firms, like Pierre & Vacances, offer buy to let arrangements for their investors. This means that an investor can choose to occupy the property for their own holiday needs. For UK investors this is a very attractive proposition when considering buying property abroad. Depending on the investor’s personal taste, they can utilise an investment for a sunny, pool-side getaway, or a break in a resort where winter sports are the main attraction. 

Property Investment Companies

Property investment companies offer a number of other services that support a property investor. With maintenance agreements that ensure the cleaning and upkeep of a property, as well as a guaranteed rental return that is assure whether the property is occupied or not, an investor can enjoy the benefits of their buy to let investment choice, without the worries of a go–it-alone portfolio strategy.

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