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Sustainability is key for real estate investments

Published on 05/24/2016

Discover how a property’s sustainability is hugely beneficial in optimising the success of a real estate investment

What makes a property investment sustainable?

A sustainable real estate investment is one that is able to deliver long term consistent returns. Equally, sustainability refers to the property’s minimal impact on the environment, whether that’s through methods of construction, maintenance, or energy consumption. If you consider both these sides of the sustainability coin when making your property investment, you are sure to maximise your returns.

Choose an environmentally friendly real estate asset

With global warming posing a real threat to the world, you ought to also consider the eco-friendliness of your investment. By choosing a property that is built with durable materials, the need for regular replacement  will be drastically reduced. Similarly, opt for projects that have been built with minimisation of energy consumption in mind. These factors will be kinder on the environment while also saving plenty of money in the long run! The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group continually endeavours to improve upon its property programmes sustainability. For instance, cottages at Center Parcs Nordseeküste in Germany now CO₂ emit 20% less CO₂ than they did in 2011!

Sustainability optimises occupancy rates

Among tenants sustainability is a particularly popular characteristic. This naturally gives you another reason to invest in environmentally friendly real estate, as it will help to minimise vacancy rates. Moreover choosing a property with durable materials means that it’s quality will last much longer, with less frequent maintenance demands. This is advantageous as it is attractive to both tenants and potential investors should you wish to sell on your property at a later date.

Think about the long-term

An investment in real estate tends to be a safe one; it almost always gives a return in the long-run. However, to help predict the potential sustainability of your property investment, you ought to look at the sector’s past trends. Take a look at the market’s macroeconomic trends in the area you are looking to invest in. 

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