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The benefits of investing in real estate

Published on 09/18/2014

The benefits of investing in real estate :

The benefits of investing in real estate to support retirement

Retirees – or those nearing retirement – are generally not advised to chase after fast, high capital gains, but are instead more likely to benefit from the regularity of rental property investments. By utilising capital in the purchase of a high-end property in an established development, a retiree can enjoy not only reliable returns, but also a personal usage arrangement should they choose to buy a leaseback property.

The reliability of rental returns

Nuwire has recently documented six rules for those planning for their retirement with the purchase of real estate. As well as mentioning liquidity and inflation, the article notes the importance of a passive reliable income for those requiring pensionable support. Although the real estate market saw fluctuations of up to 30 percent during the recession, the resurgence of the global transactional levels within the industry have had a significant impact on perceived recovery ranges and long-term stability. Firms such as Pierre & Vacances Property Investment have remained at the forefront of strategic location development and, as such, have accumulated valuable insights into the broad-scope view of the real estate investment market.

The additional benefit of personal usage

When considering retirement, an investor may be wise to investigate the additional benefits available through a leaseback scheme. Whilst a regular rental return is clearly the most important aspect of any property purchase, being in a position to utilise a personal usage clause in a specific holiday period may be the thing that makes the investment more than simply an income stream.

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