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Top tips for maintaining a buy-to-let investment

Published on 10/09/2014


Top tips for maintaining a buy-to-let property investment

Investing in a property is never as simple as just signing on the dotted line. As well as research into the market, an assessment of potential returns and the administration required, it is also important to ensure that the property is adequately maintained, as any untreated issue could negatively impact its long-term rentability.

Hassle-free maintenance of an investment property

Although reasonable tenants – both residential and temporary – will generally be understanding of the occasional issue with a dribbling tap or less-than-perfect hinge, any matter of upkeep that is left untended could ultimately make the difference between a continuously tenanted property and one that is viewed with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Firms like Pierre & Vacances Property Investment are aware of the difficulty that landlords may face with the upkeep of an overseas investment and so offer hassle-free maintenance services to their clients, ensuring that all properties are kept at peak.

How to ensure a buy-to-let remains viable

As a buy-to-let investment must, by its nature, offer a regular return, the upkeep of such a property is arguably the most important commitment any prospective investor must be willing to make. That is to say, the decor must be aesthetically pleasing, the amenities fully functional and any issues raised must be dealt with immediately. Therefore, in order to ensure tip-top condition, a landlord would be advised to seek professional maintenance services in order to protect their portfolio from unnecessary and costly vacancies.

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