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VN Movies Event Part 1

Published on 06/11/2015

Every week discover new exclusive videos with special clips of Villages Nature.

Every wednesday is the cinema release for Villages Nature where you can discover this new world that is soon to break ground. Until the next episodes, discover or rediscover the first 4 Villages Nature videos.

Follow the news for Villages Nature directly on Twitter with the hashtag #VNMoviesEvent or in French #VNfaitsonCinéma.

Villages Nature Cinema - Episode 1 "The Extraordinary Gardens"

Inspired by ecological architecture and Land Art, the extraordinary gardens invite you to discover and mediation via numerous artistic amenities. Dive into the heart of a natural area, dedicated to the four elements of nature - Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

Villages Nature Cinema - Episode 2 "Bulle Apartments"

Discover the inside of the Bulle apartments and cottages set on a lake or in the heart of the forest, close to the Aqualagon. Designed by the decorator Ana Moussinet, the Bulle interiors create a sense of well-being, peace and refinement.

Villages Nature Cinema - Episode 3 "The Interactive Farm"

Discover the interactive farm with its farm animals, its gardens, its market of local produce. Take part in numerous activities such as feeding the goats, milking a cow or self-pick strawberries or apples. An experience to share with your family, something for everyone.

Villages Nature Cinema - Episode 4 "Clan Apartments"

Created by the decorator and set designer Sophie Jacquim the Clan interiors have been designed as the "fabrique familiale de souvenirs à partager" - making memories to share. With their playful and friendly atmosphere as well as their unique interior. Colourful and chill interiors that will take you back to your childhood.

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