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You can’t go wrong with buying an oceanfront property in France

Published on 08/07/2017

Buying a property on the beach is a dream for most people and it can present an interesting buy-to-let investment if you know where and how to invest! 

Ah, the purity of the air, the warm sun hitting your face, fresh seafood platters, all of this combined with a property that you can rightly call your own. Now that’s something you can dream about. The beach still remains a primary destination for tourists.

First things first, it is important to note that a seafront buy-to-let property investment is periodic. According to research, it brings the highest number of tourists during the summer, but the return risks a significant diminution in autumn and winter. However, this seasonal factor can be offset by investing in a guaranteed rental property. 

Choose from the top tourist destinations

To limit the vacancy rate (the time during which the house or apartment is not being rented), it is best to pick one of the more touristy regions such as the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast or even the Normandy coast.

Once the region is chosen, it is important to focus on the areas. Indeed, cities like Marseille or Bordeaux have continued to attract a certain clientele (students, businessmen ...) even out of season, which means that these little areas of 200 inhabitants will never lose their popularity.

But it is equally possible to invest in a property where rent is guaranteed thanks to property management services. This offers the advantage of receiving a regular income all year round, regardless of the property’s location.

Secondly, the proximity of the beach. For the majority of holidaymakers that look for convenience, it is much more enjoyable to access the beach by foot rather than by car. It is also important not to overlook the presence of shops and places with things to do (restaurants, bars etc).

In clear, the location of the property is as fundamental as the intrinsic qualities e.g. layout, floor area. 

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