Published on 08/28/2014

Discover the history, skills and values that have made the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group so successful for over forty-five years.

A leading group

A group leader

For half a century, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group has been designing, building, selling and managing apartments, cottages, and holiday homes. Starting with the creation of the Avoriaz Ski resort in 1967, their forward planning and visionary approach to leisure property investment drove further growth throughout France and Western Europe.

A crucial stage in their history: the Pierre & Vacances Group went public on 11 June 1999.

The listing marked a real turning point for the group, according to one of the managers. "Historically, Pierre & Vacances was essentially a property company. We were now identified with both property and tourism."

From the year 2000 onwards, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group gradually acquired the eight brands that make up its diverse offering today. Today the Group boasts the best offering in Europe, making it the leader in local tourism.

The brands

Through the different brands, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group offers a selection of properties in a variety of locations and settings.

Pierre & Vacances Premium - Very-well-being
Our aim is to foster a sophisticated yet authentic atmosphere, with spacious luxury apartments and a focus on your well-being. The result? A truly state-of-the-art experience.

Pierre & Vacances  - Holiday apartments and villages in France and Spain.
Our residences and holiday homes are ready to live in, offering both packaged and à la carte services, all located right in the heart of the most beautiful regions. 

Pierre & Vacances Villages Club - An unmatched selection in France and Spain
In the heart of the countryside, the villages offer accommodation in a house or apartment, with a range of leisure and entertainment.

Center Parcs - Let's get together
A unique concept for short family breaks, close to nature, in all seasons, with a range of activities and the famous Aquamundo.

Villages Nature - A unique place to reconnect with nature
A new destination of short stays offering a range of original activities at the heart of Ile-de-France.

Oasis de Noria - A real change of scenery
Residential areas modelled on traditional villages around touristic facilities in the middle of flourishing gardens and an incredible water park.

Adagio - No. 1 for aparthotels in Europe
Apartments with all the modern conveniences in the heart of cities and towns for long stays at nightly rates that scale down from four nights and above.

Maeva - Open your holidays wide
Residences on the coast and in the mountains, in France and Spain

Sunparks - In the middle of everywhere
Easy-to-reach destinations in Belgium, in the heart of the countryside.

Our expertise

The Group's expertise in rental property is drawn from fifty years of experience. By mastering the whole chain of the property business, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group can offer you new products perfectly adapted to market expectations, allowing you to make a sustainable and safe investment.

The expertise of the Group also relies on the know-how of its employees who will support you every day during acquisition, through to the personalised management of your property. A dedicated advisor will follow your project, from the reservation of your property to the financing and signing of the contracts. Before any recommendations are made, your advisor will meet with you to go over your situation and help you to define your objectives and needs. Trained in the various fields of property acquisition, he or she will be at your side to optimise your investment.

Our sustainable development commitment

Since the creation of the car-free resort at Avoriaz, respect for the environment has always been central to the priorities of the Group. Project after project, new methods of construction have been carried out, respecting the natural richness of the areas.

The first partnership agreement

This move was formalised in 2005 with the creation of a department dedicated to sustainable development and the signing of a partnership with WWF France. In the summer of 2005, the first awareness games were conceived for children with the introduction of our "Mardis de l’Environnement" (Eco-Tuesdays). In 2006, we had giant pandas spread messages on green activities to over thirty thousand people. In 2007, Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs went into the woods with the WWF Mission for Wood.

Daniel Richard, Former President of WWF France.

I find it very pertinent that a large tourist operator like Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs is committed to showing the beauty and harmony of nature, taking ownership of ensuring sustainability and environmental protection at their sites. Holidays spent in the Group's residences offer a great space and opportunity to develop an awareness of certain values. They are moments of escape from the daily grind. Families can leave behind their competitive environments of work and school to share and interact with their children. In our society, these moments of interaction are becoming increasingly rare. These holidays are therefore a chance to return to the body and soul, and to be at one with nature. All of this allows us to educate through play and to help families rediscover the need to live in harmony with nature.

Actual commitments and actions of the Group on sustainable construction:

Very High Energy Performance (VHEP) Buildings

Today more than ever, reduction in energy and water consumption constitutes an essential factor in green construction. In 2008, the Group made a commitment to achieve the level of VHEP for all of its new programmes. The VHEP level relates to energy consumption in housing that is at least 20% lower than the baseline average.

  • 80% of our residences are equipped with timers in the public areas and sensors have also been put in place,
  • 43% have water flow restrictors.

We are constantly exploring how to maximise the integration of the building and its environment. Typically, our landscaper is involved long before the architect.

The Group is also taking an active approach to research and innovation by anticipating changes associated with the Grenelle Environment Round Table (carrying out pilot low consumption programmes; the Low Consumption Building (LCB) labelling scheme; and the TR (Thermal Regulation) study 2012).

Integration of renewable energy

Research into the potential of renewable energy is systematically incorporated into new projects. These studies have led to real accomplishments such as the geothermal option for the Villages Nature project.

"We will make sustainable development a valuable lever of innovation for our entire offering"

Thierry Hellin, Deputy General Manager, Pierre & Vacances - Center Parcs Group

A "Green Construction" approach to preserve the areas and the landscape.

Our objective is to minimise our carbon footprint during construction by changing our building procedures and our building management (protection of sensitive areas in terms of biodiversity, waste sorting, prevention of pollution of the soil and water, etc.).

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