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Published on 08/28/2014

Find out about the many reasons for making a buy-to-let investment with the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group. Whether it's building up an asset base, securing additional income, ease of management, or holiday opportunities you're looking for: we offer it all, guaranteeing you a sound buy-to-let investment.


Build up an asset base

Making a buy-to-let investment with the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group guarantees you a quality property asset.

Pierre & Vacances –Center Parcs Group offers two investment Packages:

• The Assets Investment Package:  through which you can build a quality property portfolio with high profitability guaranteed combining safety and performance. With this package you have the opportunity to avail of  certain homeowners benefits.

• The Assets & Holidays Investment  Package:  with this package you have the opportunity to combine investment and fun. Indeed, not only investing in a quality property portfolio with guaranteed profitability, but also enjoy visits to your property or in another Group residence.

A property investment with high added value

The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs's property programmes continue to benefit from prime locations, in regions known for their high environmental and tourist value: in towns, on the coast, in the mountains, and in the countryside. A property investment with the Pierre & Vacances Group will therefore allow you to build up a lasting asset base.

Quality property

Over the years, the Group has surrounded itself with the top names in architecture, who have designed new state of the art villages and residences: Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Pierre Diener, François Spoerry, Jacques Labro, Valode & Pistre. The designers take inspiration from local and regional culture and traditions to create the most beautiful interiors. The grounds are given equal attention thanks to the highly skilled landscapers who tend the environment outside, combining both quality of workmanship and natural beauty. 


Buying a new apartment to rent out allows you to top up your income, whilst limiting any additional tax. By signing a ten year lease for a rental commitment with the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group:

You will receive regular rent:

  • Paid by a sole tenant: the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group
  • Net of joint ownership and management charges
  • Indexed annually on the RRI (Rent Reference Index)

As the sole tenant, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group guarantees an income for you whether your property is rented or not. Your property will therefore benefit from complete security and management without the worry.


Getting ready for retirement is a serious issue which concerns everyone. With demographic change and the uncertainties this imposes on mandatory schemes, more and more employed and self-employed people are seeking to supplement their retirement income.

Property investment provides a sustainable and secure solution when preparing for your future. Furthermore, by acquiring a property in a tourist residence in the heart of a named tourist spot, you will benefit from significant financial and tax benefits.


The management of your property is assured by the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group.

Once the transaction has been finalised, you will have nothing more to worry about. Once you become an owner, you will sign a ten year lease with the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group, which then becomes your sole tenant:

  • Rent is guaranteed: you receive rent whether your apartment is occupied or not.
  • Your property is maintained: the Facilities Management Department of the Group manages maintenance operations while local teams look after routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • The Group pays for all insurance costs, fees and taxes: you only pay property tax and any tax linked to your income.

At the end of the lease, the Group will offer you a new contract, to continue the management of your property. When the lease is renewed, renovation work is carried out to maintain the value of your asset so you will be assured that it will meet the needs and expectations of the tourist clientele. Your financial responsibility for such works is capped, in existing leases, at 6% of the purchase value of the property yearly indexed on the Building Cost Index, limited to 2%.


Short or long stays, as a couple, as a family or amongst friends; breaks for business or pleasure; a need for relaxation, sports, entertainment, exploration, socialising, luxury, comfort; anything you might wish for can be provided by one of the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group's brands. With full ownership, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group Residences also provide quality leisure equipment and services: swimming pools, golf clubs, restaurants, children's clubs, sports fields and more.

As an owner, you will be eligible for numerous benefits(2):

  • A dedicated and personalised website is at the owners' disposal.
  • An accommodation swapping scheme to vary your stays: According to the type of acquisition chosen and/or the lease signed, you can benefit from long or short stays. Each year, exchange tables are drawn up so that you can stay in other tourist residences like your own. The offers are accessed through the website, where you can also book for the destination of your choice.
  • Ongoing benefits in the areas within the Group: personalised welcome, special rates on sporting activities and other leisure facilities, etc.
  • Special rates with our partners (AVIS, SKISET)
  • Special rates on stays (outside the exchange programme).


(1)       The benefits can vary according to your lease.

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